Steve Kennedy

Steve Kennedy is a painter working in the tradition of outdoor, or "plein air" painting. His method is thoughtful and direct, with an aim at capturing the mood and light of a specific place. Few of his works are painted inside, his preference being "the heat, mosquitoes and thorns" of outdoor work. Kennedy grew up in Connecticut, spending summers in coastal places like Cape Cod and the Maritimes, Maine. His love of the sea emerged by wondering the South Portland waterfront. Cape Cod added an interest in architecture, especially Provincetown with its narrow streets and historic buildings. It is not uncommon to find Kennedy by his easel in Provincetown, meticulously capturing a silent and deserted street scene. He pays careful attention to detail, yet his work evokes a sense of warmth and spontaneity. His aim is to convey the impact of place through light, color and emotion, working in a "painterly realism". His paintings reflect the brilliant light of the Cape with both an intensity and softness. Kennedy has been living and working on Cape Cod since 1981. His work has been exhibited extensively in the Northeast.

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